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The Knuckle Cracker Wiki is the current general wiki for games after CW2.

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Timeline of CW-Editions[]

Here one can(should) find the history of released Creeper World(CW) Games.

Structures Weapons Specials
CW 1(Original and Demo),(User space,Evermore and Training Simulator)


Generates energy and connects buildings at an average distance.Adds 0.1 to Collection when another unused area is used for the Collector.
Relay32.png Relay
Useful for spanning long routes when connected with another Relay.
Storage32.png Storage
Enables you to store more energy.
Speed32.png Speed
Increases the speed of packets.
Reactor32.png Reactor
Produces energy in less space than Collectors.Adds 0.3 to Collection.


Fires its laser at Creeper .
Mortar32.png Mortar
Lobs projectiles into Creeper masses.
Sam32.png SAM
Fires missiles for taking out Spores.
Drone32.png Drone
Nano-tech drone bombers that fly.
Thor32.png Thor(In Original)
Ultimate Creeper destruction device.


Spews Creeper.
Odincity32.png Odin City
Useful for creating packets in types.Adds 0.8 to collection.
Totem32.png Totem
Opens up rift for travelling.
File:Spore32.png Spore
Raining Creeper from the sky.
File:SurvivorPod32.png Survivor Pod
May contain Survivors.If this is destroyed,you will fail the level.
CW 2 Redemption 


Produces energy.

2.Ore rig

Mines ore blocks in a limited time.This can be only placed when it can be attached to an ore block.


Extends connection range because The Liberation ship can only do operations by itself in the range,which can be extended by the Beacon.

4.Tech(nical) dome

Generates Technocytes(Technical cells) for Upgrades.


Using its Hp,It blocks Creeper until its destroyed.


Uses its own energy to transport atoms from other Structures to the other Microrift as a White portal.It can also transport/teleport packets.


The First weapons you will be introduced(Others being Nullifier and Maker)Blasts Lasers and plasma to clear creeper around its Range.Best for fighting thin creeper.


Nullifies enemies.Can be only placed when an enemy touches its range.One of the First weapons to be introduced.


Makes Anti-creeper(Ac) in Produce mode,Makes AC inside and bursts off later time in Charge mode and It mainly stops in vaccum mode.


Launches Explosive rockets to its Desired target.Best for fighting thick Creeper.

5.(Creeper) Repulsor

Repulses and Pushes Creeper using a Hormonal beam.Hormones inside the beam try pushing off the creeper.This is a Threat when it tries beaming with Moving obstacle creeper on its sides because they stop being obstacle and widen to destroy other units around it.

6.Phantom coil

A coil that destroys Phantoms with Electrical radiation from the coil.

CW 3

Arc eternal


As a green circle,It produces Energy like in CW1.If it is placed with an uncollected(not green) land,This will turn the Land green around its Range.When it is in the Power zone,It connects in a farther distance and generates more energy.


From Relay to Relay,It connects them in a farther distance.When it is in the power zone,It connects in a very far distance.


Generates more energy like in CW1 but it is a Purple colored structure(Note the Fading black and white in the center)

4.Ore Mine

Mines Ore to Anti-Creeper/Ac(The Light blueish liquid) like the Ore rig in CW2 but it mines forever until the level is completed.Ores are needed for Bombers and Sprayers,just like its for the Maker in CW2.


Extracts Resources from a Resource pack.It is destroyed after extracting everything in a Pack.

6.Terraform processing unit(TERP/TERPU)

Shoots beams that deliver atoms to the Terraforming area.It reads the Level/planets's layer's design and Shoots off red transporting beams that adds 1 layer to each block.Each number represents the Layer needed to complete the Terraforming process on the desired Area(s) and the numbers disappear when the block is fully Terraformed.


Makes an Radioactive/Electrical shield to shield the base and push off Creeper around the Shield.The Shields blink when they do not have enough energy to transform them into Electricity and Radioactive Electricity to make the shield,so it is better to use Mortars in protecting and they need 40 building packets to be built.


As an starplane,it delivers resource

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